Benefits to being on the
WOW company database

Our services are used by the state economic cluster for infrastructure spending decisions and policy development. In a report released in May 2016 the Industrial Development Corporation states;

‘The overall infrastructure investment spending by the public sector is projected to average R288.5b per annum. A large portion of goods and services required in this build programme will be sourced from local companies……’

WOW’s content is renowned for its high quality, independent research. Consequently it is a priority information source in the procurement process when supplier information is verified and alternative peer suppliers are identified.

The extent of the lack of business information on Africa is inversely matched by the high international demand for trade and investment information. WOW’s content is regarded by the international business community as a unique, quality source of information on potential partners in Africa.

Local and international corporations use WOW’s researched content to inform investment expansion decisions, supporting capital injection and growth opportunities for the companies on our base.

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