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About SA Sector

SA SECTOR is a database of South African business. Research is conducted at the five digit standard industrial classification code (SIC Code) level and covers over 4 000 significant companies, 90% of which are unlisted, operating in just under 300 key industries.

Each research report includes an organogram that provides a snapshot of the structure, characteristics and size of the sector. There is a detailed profile of all the significant players in the sector and each company profile includes a Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) rating. An overview of the industry, the factors and issues influencing it, regulatory requirements and a SWOT analysis are all included in the reports.

Latest Reports: African Sector

Latest Companies: African Sector

About African Sector

AFRICAN SECTOR focuses on industries in the other 52 countries on the African continent, also at the five digit SIC Code level. Included in the database is a profile of all significant players, an overview of the industry and issues facing it, as well as the market penetration and African footprint of South African and multi-national companies.

Subscribers have access to almost 3000 existing company reports on this database as well as an increasing number of industry reports. Country-specific information is also available and includes tax laws and relevant African trade agreements.

Latest Reports: Corporate Structures

About Corporate Structures

The CORPORATE STRUCTURES database maintains the ownership relationships of almost 50 000 companies, including all significant listed and unlisted groups as well as multi-national companies, empowerment groups and state corporations. Included is the African and international footprint of South African companies showing direct, indirect and intermediate holdings as well as management structures.

Latest Reports: Directory of Directors

About Directory of Directors

DIRECTORY OF DIRECTORS includes details of over 28 000 directorships and more than 11 000 management positions in major African state corporations, listed and unlisted companies. A five-year history of remuneration and shareholdings for the approximate 4,000 directors of JSE-listed companies is included.

The search and filter facility allows users to view cross directorships and directorship across industries to establish director influence and trends in director share ownership.

Latest Reports: TakeOver Talk

About TakeOver Talk

TAKEOVER TALK is a weekly record of M&A activity, key appointments and investment in new capacity, which is linked to all relevant databases. This database includes research into FDI activity into and out of Africa since 2007 and includes black empowerment transactions.

Latest Client Communication

About Client Communication

Weekly update on newly published research and work-in-progress including highlights of the unique aspects emanating from the research.

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