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Industry Research Reports

The Who Owns Whom industry report library covers more than 280 key industries across the African continent. Each report can be purchased individually and includes a detailed profile of major players in the industry. Also included in the reports is information on:

  • The industry value chain;
  • The size of the sector;
  • The key drivers and issues facing the sector;
  • Regulatory requirements; and
  • Factors influencing the success of the sector, including the labour environment.

The report concludes with Competition issues, a SWOT analysis and the outlook for the sector.

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Who Owns Whom in Africa Publication

The Who Owns Whom hard copy and more recently, the e-book publication, has been published since 1980 and presents an annual snapshot of South African business.

Included are profiles for all African listed companies as well as for a significant number of unlisted companies, State-Owned Entities (SOEs) and multinationals. The information is categorised by subsidiary, director, shareholder, sector and country of domicile.

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