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WOWEB is a web-based research platform offering unique intelligence on the African business and economic environment. It is trusted by local and international corporations and state developmental and regulatory agencies to facilitate quick and easy identification of the intelligence needed to inform key business functions, including:

  • Business development & CRM
  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic management
  • Procurement
  • Credit risk management
  • Private equity
  • In-depth industry analysis
  • Regulatory compliance

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WOWEB provides detailed profiles on 15,000+ companies, 10% of which are stock exchange-listed and the balance private companies or multinationals, operating in more than 280 key industries across the African continent. South African company profiles include Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) rating details and BEE peer analysis.

Each country-specific industry research report includes an overview of the industry, the characteristics and size of the industry, the key drivers and issues facing the sector, regulatory requirements, factors influencing the success of the sector, a SWOT analysis and the outlook for the sector.

Company profiles are updated annually and more than 100 industry research reports are compiled each year. Multi-user clients are able to request three sector reports at no extra cost during the course of the year.



    Ownership relationships of companies are maintained, including all significant listed and unlisted groups, multinational companies, empowerment groups and state corporations operating in Africa.

    Included is the African and international footprint of more than 170,000 companies showing direct and indirect holdings. Government structures are presented at central, provincial and local government level.


    The Directory of Directors includes details of more than 70,000 directors and management of listed and unlisted companies, multinationals and state corporations operating in Africa, including South Africa.

    A five-year history of remuneration and shareholdings of directors of JSE-listed companies is included, as well as information on company committee membership. The search and filter facility allows users to view cross-directorships and directorship across industries to establish director influence and trends in director share ownership.


    Takeover Talk tracks FDI into and out of Africa since 2007, which industries and which countries are being targeted and, in the case of South Africa, includes black empowerment transactions.

    It lists a weekly record of M&A activity, key appointments and investment in capacity, which is linked to all relevant WOWEB content sets.


    Incorporates powerful data filtering functionality that enables users to query and extract only those data sets that meet their specific requirements. Filters can be saved for future use.


    Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statements for JSE and African listed companies, South African SOC’s and South African unlisted companies where disclosed.