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Who Owns Whom industry reports

WOW industry reports span 300+ key industries across Africa featuring key drivers, threats, opportunities, regulation, influencing factors, outlook and notable industry entities.

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complimentary report

The construction industry in Kenya report

The Construction Industry in Kenya

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research platform

WOWEB research platform

WOWEB is Who Owns Whom’s research platform offering web-based access to our credible research on African industries and business information.

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WOW Data Feeds

for data enrichment

WOW Data feeds

WOW Data Feeds enable integration of Who Owns Whom’s quality data sets into clients’ internal systems for the purpose of data enrichment.

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Who Are We

Who Owns Whom

Who Owns Whom (WOW) was established in 1980 as an independent organisation producing high quality, original research on African industry and business.

Company Profiles Researched Industries 20 000+ Years of Experience 40+ 330+ Industry reports 600+ Company Profiles 20 000+ Years of Experience 40+ Researched Industries 330+ Industry reports 600+

Our Solutions

WOW solutions inform key business functions

Market Intelligence and Strategy

Gain valuable insight into target industries, new opportunities and understand potential vertical and horizontal expansion opportunities.

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Know Your Customer/Supplier

Corroborate information supplied by customers, prospective customers and suppliers.

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Compliance and Risk

Independent third-party corroboration of ownership and statutory information

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M&A, FDI and Private Equity

Identify, understand and monitor investment changes and opportunities across the African continent.

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Learning Solutions

Use industry reports as a basis for an analysis of key success factors, pain points and competitive landscape of African industries.

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Information and communicationSouth Africa

Telecommunications: a catalyst in African economic development

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Human health and social work activitiesSouth Africa

Is the South African healthcare sector in crisis?

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ManufacturingSouth Africa

The South African glass manufacturing industry explained

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List your company on the WOWEB database

WOW provides profiles on 20 000+ companies