Who Owns Whom

Wow company research profiles private, listed, and state-owned major players in all key industries across the African continent.

Industry Transparency

WOW promotes industry transparency using our research methodology developed over 40 years.

Transparency has become an international trend in the global fight against corruption, money laundering and the terrorist funding activities and for reasons closer to home such as good governance and corporate best practice.

WOW’s transparency rating is calculated to measure organisations’ willingness to provide information. The score is given on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 representing the highest level of transparency and 0 indicating a reluctance to be transparent.

Score calculations are based on the following components

  • Availability of BEE information
  • Availability of Ownership information
  • Availability of Personnel information
  • Availability of Professionals information
  • Availability of Performance and Activity information
  • Approachability

5/10 Transparency Index

Each Company Research Report Covers the Following Segments

Company updates are driven by our client requests and industry research projects. In addition, the database is updated daily from news and weekly from CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission).

Company Research

Company Name

  • Entity Type
  • Country of Domicile
  • Registration Number
  • VAT Number
  • Tax Number
  • Profile Date
  • Transparency Rating
  • Stock Exchange/s (If Listed)
  • Contact Details
  • History of Business
  • Corporate governance in relation to SED & ED
  • Activity
  • Brandnames
  • Trademarks
  • Current BEE Rating
  • BEE Rating Agency
  • Latest Available BEE certificate
  • Historical BEE Certificates/Affidavits
  • Comparative Graph of BEE Components against Peers and Overalls
  • Current Directors
  • Current Management
  • Former directors and management
  • Director’s holding (JSE companies)
  • Directors remuneration (JSE and SOC’s)
  • Shareholders
  • Subsidiaries in tree format
  • Subsidiaries in Africa
  • Can exclude South Africa
  • Banks
  • Auditors
  • Attorneys
  • Sponsors
  • Medical Air
  • Notifiable Changes
  • Take-over-talk
  • Annual Reports
  • Interim statements
  • Pre-listing statements
  • Financial statements
  • Balance heet
  • Income statement
  • Cashflow statements
  • Sector/s as per Standard Industrial Classification Code
  • Main sector highlighted

WOW company research helps identify specific ownership patterns and shareholdings

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