Who Owns Whom

Market intelligence and strategy on the emerging African markets

Gain valuable insight into target industries, new opportunities and understand potential vertical and horizontal expansion opportunities.

  • Understand the competitive landscape
  • Understand key success factors, pain points and key drivers of target markets
  • Identify possible industry technological or regulatory risk to customers
  • Target groups and sectors as prospective markets
  • Identify opportunities through cross-ownership and/or cross-directorships
  • Identify customers’ African footprint
  • Identify new foreign direct investment (FDI) into a target market
  • Expand market share in existing markets by identifying customer peers
  • Enrich and optimise sales intelligence from internal CRM systems
  • Monitor news that may highlight opportunity or risk
  • Identify linkages between directors/shareholders/advisors that could be leveraged
  • Be alerted to management changes within your customer industries

Our WOWEB and WOW Data Feed subscription products support your key business functions.

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