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Saint Helena

Country Code: 654

ISO2 Code: SH

ISO3 Code: SHN

Country Economic Snapshot


Although St Helena currently receives approximately £30m per annum in DfID subsidies, the government aims to “achieve development which is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.” The government’s Sustainable Economic Development Plan (SEDP) 2018-2028 was designed to achieve this economic goal. It focuses on the increase of exports, mainly fish and coffee, an increase in tourism, and a decrease in the value of imports. St Helena imports most of its goods from either South Africa or the UK, and so changes in the prices in these countries, as well as exchange rates between the South African Rand and the St Helenian Pound, are often reflected in changes in the price of items for sale.

The government views a reliable electricity supply as vital for infrastructure development and the final bids for the government’s Renewable Energy Project were submitted during March 2018. The island’s Energy Strategy3 is to meet 100% of electricity demand of all consumers connected to the national grid through renewable energy by April 2022. In February 2018 24.53% of energy generation already came from renewable sources.


Capital Jamestown
Currency (Name, Abbreviation, Symbol) Saint Helena pound , SHP , £
Type of Government
Languages English
Natural Resources
Type of Industry
Stock Exchange
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Stock Exchange Founded
Tax Rate: Corporate
Tax Rate: Individual
Natural Resources

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