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Flexible and bespoke WOW Data Feed Services enable automated integration of Who Owns Whom’s reputable business content into clients’ CRM, compliance and procurement management systems.

Benefits of Wow Datafeeds:

  • Enriched business intelligence
  • Optimal data structuring and hygiene
  • Maintenance and currency of critical data
  • Enhanced operational efficiency

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  • Identify and target groups and sectors as prospective markets.
  • Identity opportunities through cross-ownership and/or cross-directorships.
  • Identify customers’ African footprint.
  • Identify new FDI into a target market.
  • Expand market share in existing markets.
  • User strategic sales information to improve prospecting rate.


  • Identify customers from the same group.
  • Identify ownership and directorships, including PEPs and relationship linkages.
  • Be alerted to client management changes.
  • Be alerted to client ownership changes or acquisitions.
  • Understand the key drivers and SWOT of different customer industries.
  • Corroborate information supplied.


  • Confirm ownership and statutory information.
  • Identify potential risk associated with cross-ownership, cross-directorships.
  • Identity Politically Exposed (PEP) directors.
  • Corroborate information supplied.


  • Identify director and ownership linkages between suppliers.
  • Supplier BEE details and peer comparisons.
  • Identify new suppliers.



Identify data sets that will inform and optimize the specific business requirement. Clients can select from a broad range of company information categories that cover 18 000+ African companies (90%+ of which are private entities), ownership information for 170 000+ companies and details of 95 000+ directors (including cross-directorships) across Africa, including South Africa:

Classification information, including industry detail
Address and Contact Details
Company Size Indicator
Directors and Management
Director Holdings (JSE Listed)
Committees (JSE Listed)
Company change notifications
Industry Report Executive Summaries
Ownership and Corporate Structures
Supplementary information (e.g. professionals, nature of business and history)
Financials for JSE Listed Entities and SA SOC’s
Director and Management Profiles
Director remuneration for SA listed companies and SA SOC’s
BEE rating information for SA companies
Takeover Talk (M&A and investment activity)

Choose a Data Feed delivery methodology, i.e. via API or data files.


Automate processing of WOW data to inform, structure and enhance intelligence rendered through internal management system(s) in an efficient manner. Automated matching of subscribers’ clients/suppliers against the WOW database is also available at no additional fees to further facilitate optimal utilisation of the WOW data.