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The soap and cleaning product manufacturing industry has created a number of innovative entrepreneurial start-ups such as Durban- based Elegant Line Chemicals founded by Nelly Shezi in 2007 which manufactures cleaning products and polishes for the domestic, industrial and automotive markets. Another is PE-based LBN Hygiene Solutions founded by Lazola Nxele which manufactures a range of cleaning detergents for domestic and commercial use. Edward Moshole, once a factory cleaner, now owns Chem-Fresh, a multi-million rand manufacturer of detergents sold by Spar, Pick n Pay, Massmart and Dischem.

The industry has been targeted by DTI small business initiatives due to the relatively simple manufacturing process and the high demand for affordable cleaning agents in the informal sector as well as for top end branded products for retailers. Operations range from large factories built by the likes of Unilever to home garage-run businesses. The number of people employed by the more than 50 companies profiled for the report ranges from 3 to over 3,000. READ MORE

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