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Health sector continues to grapple with a crippling shortage of skilled staff

The healthcare sector is confronted by numerous challenges, including what is termed the Quadruple Burden of Disease: infectious diseases, notably HIV and Tuberculosis; maternal and child mortality; non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancer and hypertension; and violence, injuries and trauma. Although the country’s HIV treatment programme has improved and from September 2016 all HIV-positive South Africans will have access to antiretroviral drugs regardless of their CD4 count, South Africa still has the highest number of HIV/AIDS cases in the world with 6.19 million people living with the disease. The shortage of healthcare professionals remains one of the most critical challenges facing the healthcare sector. With the doctor to population ratio having declined well below the global average of 15 doctors per 10,000 people, to six doctors per 10,000 people, many stakeholders believe that the shortage of medical professionals in South Africa is a national crisis. READ MORE

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