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Bidvest Group Ltd (The) Organogram

The Bidvest Group Ltd is a B2B services, trading and distribution group operating in the areas of consumer, pharmaceutical and industrial products, electrical products, financial services, freight management, office and print solutions, outsourced services, travel and aviation services, as well as automotive retailing. The group operates through 10 divisions in South Africa: • Adcock Ingram - manufactures, markets, and distributes healthcare products and supplies to both the private and public market sectors. The division incorporates Panado, Plush, Bioplus, Citro-soda, and Compral. • Bidvest Automotive - motor retailing, technical training, vehicle auctioneering. This division incorporates Bidvest McCarthy, and Bidvest Burchmore’s • Bidvest Commercial Products - The industrial grouping of companies includes manufacturing and trading businesses in South Africa, representing global brands which include Hitachi Power Tools, Signode (strapping), Unicarriers (forklifts), Rational Ovens, Tajima (embroidery machines), Juki (sewing machines) and Tesa Tapes, while Plumblink supplies bathroom and plumbing products, and through the Voltex distribution outlets the division distributes electrical cable and allied products servicing the industrial, mining, contractor, construction, engineering and retail sectors. Consumer products include motor vehicle accessories (Moto Quip), and camping and outdoor equipment (Leisure Quip). The division Incorporates Waltons, Konica Minolta, Cecil Nurse, Silveray, Kolok, Lithotech, Bidvest Data, Home of Living Brands, Masterpack. • Bidvest Financial Services - Comprises Bidvest Bank, the Bidvest Insurance Group (which offers both long and short-term insurance), Master Currency Foreign Exchange and Compendium Insurance Brokers. The segment offers services specialising in fleet management and foreign exchange services, insurance, and other financial services for the corporate and business markets. The division incorporates Bidvest Bank, Compendium, FinGlobal, Bidvest Insurance, Master Currency. • Bidvest Freight - a freight management group in sub-Saharan Africa with the primary objective of handling multiple products across berths and providing capacity to serve current and future demand. Independent businesses focus on terminal operations and support, international clearing and freight forwarding, integrated logistics, supply chain solutions, and marine and insurance services. The segment facilitates storage, handling and movement of cargo via ocean freight, air freight, road and rail and incorporates Bidvest Tank Terminals, SABT, Bulk Connections, Bidvest International Logistics, Manica Group, Bidvest SACD, and Bidvest Port Operations. • Bidvest Branded Products - Offers services relating to office products, office automation, and office furniture, while also meeting all print, packaging, labeling and communication requirements. Offerings include the supply of stationery, paper or printer cartridges, and packaging and data services. The consumer-facing trading and distribution businesses represent local and global brands such as Russell Hobbs, Salton, George Foreman, Maxwell & Williams, and luggage and travel accessories brands such as Cellini amongst others. The division also incorporates Waltons, Konica Minolta, Cecil Nurse, Silveray, Kolok, Lithotech, Bidvest Data, Home of Living Brands, Masterpack. • Bidvest Services South Africa - provides security, laundry, landscaping, food, travel, cargo and aviation, office water and coffee vending services to corporate and small to medium business clients in Southern Africa. The division incorporates Bidvest Protea Coin, Aquazania, GPT, Bidair Cargo, Rennies Travel, and Execuflora. • Bidvest Services International - provides hygiene, cleaning, and facilities management, operating in the United Kingdom, European Union, Southern Africa, and from 7 July 2022 in Australia, incorporating, amongst others: Steiner, Prestige, Bidvest Facilities, Management, Noonan, PHS, BIC Services. The division incorporates Steiner, Prestige, Bidvest Facilities Management, Noonan, PHS, BIC Services. • Bidvest Properties - Owns, manages, and develops property and provides a unique offering of professional property services and consulting on all property-related matters for the Group. • Bidvest Corporate and Investments - Provides treasury, secretarial, corporate finance and governance services for the Group and is responsible for overall management and strategic direction. All intragroup transactions are in the ordinary course of business and on similar terms to external parties and all intragroup assets and liabilities, equity, income, expenses and cash flows relating to transactions between the members of the Group are eliminated on consolidation. - The travel services cluster provides the following services: Corporate and leisure travel services Hospitality and Catering: Catering and Lounges Allied: water, coffee supplies and laundries. Security and Aviation: Secure asset transport and security through Bidvest Protea Coin, UDS, and Bidtrack. ClickOn and BidAir Cargo provide air transport for goods and cargo.