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BKB Ltd Organogram

BKB Ltd is involved in the handling and marketing of agricultural products (wool, mohair, grain and livestock), the provision of farming requisites, financing and other related activities. Excess warehouse space is leased or otherwise utilised to render warehousing services. The company operates 11 grain depots, 1 fruit processing facility, 4 lucerne depots, 3 grain and feed processing plants, 2 consumer goods processing plants and 14 on-farm depots across the country. There are 11 divisions: • BKB Brokerage Services - broker in wool and mohair. • BKB Corporate and Support Services - co-ordinates the group. • BKB Livestock, Auctioneering & Properties - combines the livestock, auctioneering and properties (Real Estate Agency) businesses. • BKB Sugar - comprises the sugar packing, distribution and sales businesses. • BKB Trading - provides support services to the farming industry as well as the general public, it has 57 business units that consist of retail shops, commercial service stations, an online shop and a distribution centre across South Africa. • BKB Financial Services - provides financing of farming inputs, requisites, fibre, livestock and grain. • BKB Property Leasing - Property leasing through its real estate business. • BKB Digital Acceleration - provides technological solutions for the group. • BKB Grain & Feed - produces grain and lucerne. It also undertakes the procurement, packaging, manufacturing, logistics and selling of intermediate grain and lucerne bales. • BKB Consumer Goods - Packages, procures and sells sugar and various other consumer goods. • BKB Fruit - Packing, selling and supplying of raisins.