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The Clothing Industry in South Africa 2021

Carole Veitch | South Africa | 17 December 2021

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This report focuses on the clothing industry in South Africa, including manufacturing and retail. It includes comprehensive information on the state and size of the sector, notable players and their performance, developments and corporate actions, and factors influencing the sector including the effect of the pandemic on sales and the increase in online sales. There are profiles of 89 companies including major players such as Pepkor, Truworths and Woolworths, manufacturers such as Prestige Clothing and specialist companies such as Ubunye

The Clothing Industry in South Africa

South Africa’s clothing industry has been materially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although lockdown restrictions and supply chain disruptions dealt a massive blow to companies across the industry value chain, the closure of borders prompted companies to reduce their reliance on imported goods and increase local sourcing. In terms of a recently implemented industry masterplan, major retailers have committed to increasing locally-made clothing ranges in their stores from around 50% currently to 65% by 2030.


Economic pressures continue to weigh heavily on the clothing trade, and consumer spending remains constrained. The relatively robust performance of the value/discount fashion segment reflects the migration of cash-strapped customers to stores offering cheaper products. The 27 March 2020 lockdown precipitated a surge in online retail sales, as people cut back on in-store shopping. There were significantly fewer new store openings in 2020, with major retailers prioritising cash preservation over capital expenditure. Adding to weaker consumer demand, supply chain disruptions and other pandemic-related challenges, was an eight-day spate of civil unrest in July 2021.

Illegal Trade

The smuggling of illegal consignments of clothing into South Africa, much of which is counterfeit or knock-offs of other brands, presents an ongoing threat to the viability of South Africa’s clothing industry. Added to this is tax evasion, which takes the form of under-invoicing and roundtripping. Illicit practices have been facilitated by corrupt officials in customs administration.

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Table of Contents

2.1. Industry Value Chain 6
2.2. Geographic Position 9
2.3. Size of the Industry 12
2.4. Key Success Factors and Pain Points 14
3. LOCAL 15
3.1. Key Trends 19
3.2. Notable Players 21
3.3. Trade 26
3.4. Corporate Actions 30
3.5. Regulations 32
3.6. Enterprise Development and Social Economic Development 34
4. AFRICA 36
6.1. COVID -19 45
6.2. Economic Environment 46
6.3. Illegal Trade 48
6.4. Labour 49
6.5. Environmental Issues and Sustainability 52
6.6. Technology, Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation 52
6.7. Government Support 54
6.8. Input Costs 55
6.9. Seasonality 55
6.10. Quick Response Supply Chain Model 56
6.11. Supply Chain Constraints 56
7.1. Competition 57
7.2. Ownership Structure of the Industry 58
7.3. Barriers to Entry 58
11.1. Publications 62
11.2. Websites 64
Appendix 1 - Summary of Notable Players 68
Appendix 2 – Africa: Real GDP Growth (%), 2019 - 2022 82
Africor Holdings (Pty) Ltd 83
Al's Clothing CC 85
Allwear (Pty) Ltd 87
Ashwood Holdings (Pty) Ltd 90
AST Safetywear CC 92
AVI Ltd 94
Baywear Clothing (Pty) Ltd 98
Blue Falcon 188 Trading (Pty) Ltd 100
BMT Streetfever (Pty) Ltd 109
Cape Mohair (Pty) Ltd 114
Cape Union Mart International (Pty) Ltd 116
Catheryne Gayela Fashions (Pty) Ltd 121
Celrose (Pty) Ltd 123
Charnaud and Company (Pty) Ltd 125
City Express Stores (Pty) Ltd 127
Colbar Clothing (Pty) Ltd 130
Davinscot Tongaat (Pty) Ltd 132
Durban Overall (Pty) Ltd 135
E'tem Fashions CC 137
Fashion United SA (Pty) Ltd 138
Foschini Retail Group (Pty) Ltd 140
Frame Leisure Trading (Pty) Ltd 143
Franz Falke Textiles (Pty) Ltd 146
Fredock Trading (Pty) Ltd 148
FrontierCo (Pty) Ltd 150
Gauteng Uniform Supplies (Pty) Ltd 152
Gelvenor Africa (Pty) Ltd 154
Gem Schoolwear (Pty) Ltd 156
Gina of Charles Street (Pty) Ltd 158
Grand Uniforms CC 160
GSM Trading (South Africa) Pty Ltd 162
Hashtag Works Group (Pty) Ltd 165
Hi-Tec Sports Distributors (Pty) Ltd 167
Holdsport (Pty) Ltd 169
HTC Stores (Pty) Ltd 175
Imagemakers (Pty) Ltd 178
Jacques Hau (Pty) Ltd 181
Jade E-Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd 183
Jadine House CC 185
Jo Borkett Fashions (Pty) Ltd 186
Jonsson Workwear (Pty) Ltd 188
Judy's Pride Fashions (Pty) Ltd 190
Junit Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd 193
K-Way Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd 195
Karma Clothing (Pty) Ltd 197
Kingsgate Clothing (Pty) Ltd 199
Kitsch Kool Properties CC 202
L A Group (Pty) Ltd 205
Lancashire Manufacturing Company (Pty) Ltd 207
Levi Strauss South Africa (Pty) Ltd 209
Mary's Fashions (Pty) Ltd 211
Massmart Holdings Ltd 213
McCullagh and Bothwell (Hyde Park) (Pty) Ltd 219
McCullagh and Bothwell (Pty) Ltd 221
McIver Apparel (Pty) Ltd 223
Mode Avant Garde CC 225
MoreGolf (Pty) Ltd 227
Mr Price Group Ltd 230
MS Anverali 236
Ninian and Lester (Pty) Ltd 237
Pepkor Holdings Ltd 239
Pick n Pay Retailers (Pty) Ltd 245
Prestige Clothing (Pty) Ltd 250
Pretty Girl Fashion Group (S A) (Pty) Ltd 252
Prikell Clothing CC 254
Qualification Schoolwear (Pty) Ltd 256
Queenspark (Pty) Ltd 257
Rage Distribution (Pty) Ltd 261
Retailability (Pty) Ltd 264
Seamless Technologies (Pty) Ltd 268
Select M Stores (Pty) Ltd 270
Shoprite Holdings Ltd 272
Shugaz Fashion and Textile (Pty) Ltd 278
Simply Work Wear CC 280
Sirdicks CC 282
Sparks and Ellis (Pty) Ltd 284
Suzi Products (Pty) Ltd 286
Sweet-Orr and Lybro (Pty) Ltd 288
Team Clothing and Gifts (Pty) Ltd 290
Tiger Guardgear (Pty) Ltd 291
Trade Call Investments Apparel (Pty) Ltd 293
Triton Clothing Manufacturers CC 295
Truval Manufacturers CC 297
Truworths Ltd 299
Twin Clothing Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd 305
Ubunye Uniforms (Pty) Ltd 307
Umoja Embroidery (Pty) Ltd 309
Wear South African (Pty) Ltd 310
Woolworths (Pty) Ltd 312