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Globe Trade Centre S.A.

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Globe Trade Centre S.A. Organogram

Globe Trade Centre S.A. and its subsidiaries operate as a property holding group which is also involved in the holding and management of investment properties. This includes the sale of development properties as well as the rental of office and retail space. The portfolio consists of completed commercial properties, commercial properties under construction, a commercial landbank intended for future development and residential project and landbank. Operations are largely centred in Poland and capital cities in Eastern and Southern Europe, namely, Belgrade, Budapest, Bucharest, Bulgaria, Zagreb and Sofia. As of 31 December 2022, the book value of the Group’s investment property, residential landbank, and real estate assets held for sale (including right of use) amounted to €2,321,908. The Group's investment properties include income-generating assets (completed properties including 1 office building held for sale), projects under construction, commercial landbank, and residential landbank as well as right of use of lands under perpetual usufruct and residential landbank. Additionally, GTC holds 25% of technology campus (booked as a non-current financial asset) with GTC’s share of book value of €117,641, and 34% in the investment fund which holds 4 completed commercial buildings in the SEE region (booked as a non-current financial asset) with GTC’s share of book value of €12,627.non-current financial assets The Group manages completed commercial properties with a combined gross rentable area of approximately 7622 thousand sqm include 38 office buildings and 6 shopping malls. Projects under construction: The Group had 3 office buildings classified as an investment under construction with a book value of €51,487. Investment Property Landbank The Group had land of €153,604 classified as an investment property landbank designated for future development (€150,406) and commercial land in Poland classified for sale (€3,198). The landbank has been designated for projects that are on the Group`s focus for the coming year, but that have not yet begun, including, Advance Business Center 3 and Napred combined with land plots with a longer estimated development period. Right of use - Investment property The Group recognized the right of use of lands under perpetual usufruct in the amount €40,020 which constituted 2% of the Group’s total property portfolio. The right of use of lands under perpetual usufruct mainly includes the right of use of investment property landbank of €17,526, completed investment property of €21,373. Residential Landbank The Group held a residential landbank (including land in Romania held for sale in amount of €680 and right of use of residential landbank of €1,064) with a total value of €27,290 which constituted 1% of the Group’s total property portfolio.