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Libstar Holdings Ltd

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Libstar Holdings Ltd Organogram

Libstar Holdings Ltd is an investment holding company investing in companies operating in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. The company focuses on the food, beverage, household and personal care segments of the sector. The group consists of 27 business units that operate nationally across 31 sites located in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces. The group's activities concentrate on the foods service industry, private label segments of larger retailers, and the manufacturing of products for brand owners and the group's own branded products across 40 manufacturing facilities, 10 warehouses, storage, packing and distribution facilities, with more than 200 production and packing lines. Operations are undertaken through the following 5 divisions: • Perishables: - Lancewood produces and distributes a range of cheese, butter, yoghurt, mascarpone, whey powder, dairy products, including milk, amasi, buttermilk, cream, dairy blends and fruit juices. - Denny is a producer of fresh mushrooms. - Finlar produces beef, chicken and other perishable food products for the food service and retail markets. - Millennium Foods is a manufacturer of fresh and ready to heat/eat meals. - Umatie is a manufacturer of baby and kiddies meals • Groceries: - Khoisan Tea procures, treats, blends and packs a range of teas in bulk and individual tea bags. It also offers natural vanilla pods and essence as well as other spices in bulk and retail ready packs. - Cape Herb & Spice procures, blends, treats, packages and sells a wide range of packaged herbs and spices as private label and branded products to foreign and local retailers. - Kalk Bay Foods procures and packages a range of purpose-designed food gifting solutions. - Natural Herbs and Spices procures, blends, treats, packages and sells a wide range of innovatively packaged herbs and spices as private label and branded products to foreign and local retailers. - Cecil Vinegar Works produces and imports speciality vinegars. - Dickon Hall Foods is involved in the manufacture and packaging of wet condiments such as Mrs Ball's chutneys, mayonnaise, spreads, savoury dip and salad dressings. - Cape Coastal processes pure South African honey. - Montagu Foods undertakes the manufacture and sale of wet condiments such as chutneys, salad dressings, sweet chilli sauces and marinades. It also produces various long-life products and condiments under the Denny Mushrooms brand and dealer-own brands. - Rialto operates as an importer, packer and distributor of Italian food products, perishables, sauces and long life food products. - Chamonix produces still and sparkling spring water as well as still, sparkling and soda variants and flavoured waters made with its pure spring water. - Specialised Packaging Solutions: consists of the following: - Multi-cup is a supplier of hot and cold beverage cups, cup holders, cup lids and assorted paper and plastic containers - Cape Foods is a manufacturer of herb seasoning and spices • Snacks & Confectionery: - Ambassador operates as a manufacturer of breakfast cereals, cereal bars and importer and distributor of all varieties of edible nuts, dried fruits, seeds and related snack products. Operates 1 factory in White River. Operations are purely private label manufacturing for Woolworths. - Ambassador Confectionery manufactures sweet treats which include products such as nougat, fudge, Turkish delight and brittles. • Baking and Baking Aids: - Amaro Foods produces and supplies bakery products, including soft rolls, croissants, speciality breads, wraps and hot cross buns. - Amaro Gluten Foods produces a range of gluten free bakery products. - Retailer Brands produces a wide range of dry food products including soups, jellies, spices, baking aids, custard powder, colourants and essences, sauces and powdered flavours under private label brands for the retail and wholesale trade in South Africa. - Cani manufactures rusks, crunchies and shortbread. • Household and Personal Care: - Chet Chemicals is involved in manufacturing day-to-day household products. - Contactim produces cleaning products including brass and stainless steel scourers, sponge scourers and steel wool. It also produces a range of cotton wool products such as cotton buds, cosmetic facial pads, cotton balls and cotton rolls.