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Life Healthcare Group Holdings Ltd

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Life Healthcare Group Holdings Ltd Organogram

Life Healthcare Group Holdings Ltd is an investment holding company and through its subsidiaries, joint ventures and associate companies operates as a private hospital operator in South Africa and primarily serves the market for privately insured individuals. The group provides mainly acute care and high technology private hospital services. Southern Africa business activities are organised into two divisions, namely the hospital division and healthcare services division. International operations are located in Europe & UK as Alliance Medical (ALM) and Life Molecular Imaging (LMI). The group includes the following operations and assets: Southern Africa • Acute hospitals: Multi-disciplinary acute healthcare facilities with an array of high-quality services including emergency units, intensive care treatment, day surgical centres, and on-site pharmacies. - 67.6% Occupancy - 48 acute hospitals - 8,297 registered beds - 304 surgical theatres - 14 cathlabs - 1,980,606 paid patient days (PPDs) - 20.8 million theatre minutes - 19,376 cathlab cases • Acute rehabilitation: Physical rehabilitation facilities cater to patients with brain injuries, offering acute physical and cognitive rehabilitation. - 7 facilities - 287 beds - 2,794 admissions - 78,140 PPDs - 71.5% Occupancy • Mental health: Multi-disciplinary mental healthcare service offerings designed for transitory care in a therapeutic and tranquil environment. Facilities house voluntary, assisted, and involuntary mental healthcare users. - 9 facilities - 602 beds - 14,969 admissions - 160,690 PPDs - 73.6% Occupancy • Renal dialysis: Renal facilities for patients with acute or chronic renal disease who need outpatient-based chronic dialysis, inpatient-based acute renal dialysis, or home based peritoneal dialysis. - 31 facilities - 445 renal stations - 198,227 Treatments • Oncology: oncology centres offer a holistic care model with technologically advanced diagnostic and interventional services supporting comprehensive cancer management. - 5 Facilities - 36,632 Treatments • Diagnostic and molecular imaging: Non-clinical diagnostic imaging services at Life Eugene Marias Hospital and at hospitals in the Eastern Cape and Botswana. - 8 diagnostic imaging facilities - 3 molecular imaging facilities including PET-CT and SPECT - 37 284 MRI and CT scans - 190,679 X-ray and other scans • Life Nkanyisa: Offers specialised care for vulnerable patients in society, partnering with South Africa’s provincial health and social development departments to provide comprehensive, long-term services for patients requiring frail care, chronic mental healthcare, and substance abuse support. - 9 facilities - 3,118 beds - 1,127,999 PPDs • Life Health Solutions: Offers an integrated health risk-management service providing wellness programmes, and occupational and primary healthcare to corporate and institutional clients. Also provides contracted on-site occupational, primary and emergency healthcare services to large private and public employees. - 256 Occupational Health Clinics - 82 Employees Wellness Clinics - 461,038 Enrolled employees International (Europe and the United Kingdom): Alliance Medical Group (AMG) - Independent diagnostic and molecular imaging providers in the United Kingdom and Europe • 215 - mobile operating sites - 6 AMG cyclotron sites in Europe - 5 AMG cyclotron sites in the UK • 11 - Cyclotron sites • 258 - No of scanners MRI CT PET-CT Life Molecular Imaging (LMI) - Fully integrated research and development pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commercialising innovative molecular imaging agents for use globally in PET-CT diagnostics. • NeuraCeq® - US FDA, EMA and UK MHRA approved diagnostic radioisotope for determining whether amyloid plaques are present in the brains of patients with suspected Alzheimer’s Disease. • 44 Manufacturing sites active and contracted third-party manufacturing sites around the world