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Metrofile Holdings Ltd is an investment holding company, that operates through its divisions and subsidiaries, and specialises in records and information management, specifically physical records storage, digital services and offerings, business support services and products and solutions.\r\n\r\nOperations are undertaken through the following divisions:\r\n• Secure Storage: \r\n- Offers secure physical records storage and management, including backup and protection of active and inactive documents, images and data in physical and electronic format\r\n- Management of the risk of loss of information\r\n- Data capturing, enrichment and verification services\r\n• Digital Services:\r\n- data management services including cloud backup, disaster recovery and specialised hosting in a private cloud, cybercrime and ransomware prevention, ongoing privacy law compliance management and business continuity planning services\r\n- Evaluation and digital transformation of business processes and tools, supported by machine learning and modern visualisation\r\n- Business outsource services including proof of delivery processing, track and trace management, sensitive information protection, procurement tracking, claims processing, HR document management and data protection\r\n- Imaging services\r\n- Turnkey digitisation\r\n- Electronic document management services: e-Tracker\r\n- dataStor\r\n• Business Support Services:\r\n- Records management consultancy services\r\n- Confidential document destruction and recycling\r\n• Products and Solutions:\r\n- Comprehensive range of filing solutions ensuring access to records and information\r\n- Office filing stationery\r\n- Archive filing boxes\r\n- Bulk filing solutions\r\n- Filing cabinets\r\n- Shelving and steel products\r\n- Scanners\r\n\r\nThe group operates from 70 properties, buildings and warehouses, at 35 locations, covering 117,525 square metres of warehousing space:\r\n• 20 data storage vaults\r\n• 17 processing centres \r\n• 2 disaster recovery facilities\r\n• 1 specialised document destruction facility \r\n• 1 printing, die-cutting and assembly facility \r\n- Fleet of vehicles, including specialised mobile shredding trucks\r\n- Sophisticated ICT infrastructure and software \r\n- Other equipment (including scanners, forklifts, fire suppression and security equipment)