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Oceana Group Ltd

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Oceana Group Ltd Organogram

Oceana Group Ltd is a holding company for subsidiaries and divisions that catch, process, market and distribute canned fish, fishmeal, fish oil, lobster, horse mackerel, squid and hake. The group has 60 vessels,12 spotter planes, 3 canneries and 5 production facilities. Most of the sale revenue comes from South Africa and Namibia, followed by other markets in southern and west Africa, the US, Europe, Australia and the Far East. The group operates through the following divisions: • Lucky Star: Cans fish such as tuna, pilchards, sardines and mackerel under the Lucky Star brand in South Africa and Glenryck brand in France and produces fishmeal and fish oil from anchovy, redeye herring and cannery offcuts. It operates 11 refrigerated vessels in South Africa and Namibia of which some are wholly owned or co-owned cannery fishmeal plants. There are 3 Canneries and 2 Fishmeal facilities for local canning of product. • Daybrook Fisheries Inc (USA): Catches, processes, produces and distributes fishmeal and fish oil derived from the gulf menhaden species for the aquaculture, nutraceutical and functional food industries under the Daybrook brand. It operates 12 carrier vessels, 24 Purse Seine vessels, 12 spotter planes, and 1 fishmeal production facility. • Blue Continent Products: Horse Mackerel, Hake, Lobster and Squid: Catches and exports live and frozen South African rock lobster and frozen squid products under the Oceana Lobster and Calamari Fishing brands. It operates 13 vessels and has 2 production facilities. Horse mackerel is sold in frozen whole form mainly in Southern, Central, and West Africa. Hake is sold headed and gutted (H&G) as well as filleted to the European and South African wholesale, and food services market in frozen form. Live and frozen West Coast rock lobster is sold to Hong Kong and Japan markets. Live and tailed South Coast lobster is sold to the USA markets and squid is sold to markets in Europe.