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Quantum Foods Holdings Ltd is a diversified feeds and poultry business providing animal protein to South African and selected African markets.\r\n\r\nThe primary agricultural business operates through its subsidiary company, Quantum Foods (Pty) Ltd, under four segments:\r\n• Animal Feeds manufactures and distributes animal feed under the NOVA brand. The main feed categories produced include broiler, layer, dairy, sheep, cattle, ostrich and pig feeds. These are produced in six feed mills located in Malmesbury (two mills), Paterson, Pretoria and George. Outside of South Africa, there are also two one feeding mills in Zambia and one in Uganda. Each mill supports a regional delivery footprint, with technical advisers available to assess, advise and partner with farmers. \r\n• Farming, consists of: \r\n- Layer farming undertakes the import of layer grand-parent stock of the Lohmann breed. It is also involved in the distribution of next generation parent and commercial live stock and the sale of layer parent stock, hatching eggs, day-old pullets and point-of-lay hens which are sold under the Bergvlei Chicks brand.\r\n- Broiler farming imports broiler grand-parent stock of the Cobb500 breed. It is involved in the distribution of next generation parent stock, manages the rearing of broilers and produces day-old commercial broiler chicks at three hatcheries.\r\n• Eggs: Graded, ungraded and liquid eggs are processed, packed and distributed nationally. Graded eggs are sorted, packed and sold under the Nulaid and retailer own brands. Liquid eggs are produced in breaking plants and sold to industrial customers. Ungraded eggs are sold under the Quantum brand. Pasteurised eggs and are also produced, packed and distributed to other provinces under the Safe Eggs brand.\r\n• Other African Countries: Operations are in Zambia, Uganda and Mozambique. \r\n- Zambia: The company manages a parent breeding facility and a hatchery in Lusaka. Day-old Lohmann chicks are supplied from the Lusaka facilities to the layer rearing farm in Chingola or sold to customers. At the Chingola farm Here eggs are produced for external sales under the Mega Eggs brand and feed is produced for external sale and consumption on the farm. Day old Broiler chicks and feed are also produced at the Lusaka facility for sale to customers \r\n- Uganda: Eggs are sold directly from the commercial rearing and layer-egg farm in the Masindi area or through a network of small retail shops. Feed is also produced at the Masindi facility for own requirements or sales to customers. A broiler and layer parent breeding and hatchery facility is in Kampala, from where day old pullets are day-old chicks are either transferred to the layer rearing farm or sold to external customers. Day old Broiler chicks are produced at the Kampala facility for sale to customers \r\n\r\n- Mozambique: Produces eggs sold under the Galovos brand and a layer farm is managed outside within Maputo.