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Raubex Group Ltd

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Raubex Group Ltd Organogram

Raubex Group Ltd is an investment holding company operating through its subsidiaries with interests in the construction, infrastructure and materials sectors. The group operates across South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Cameroon, Zambia and Western Australia. The group operations are divisionalised as follows: • Raubex Roads and Earthworks - comprises two segments, namely, Road and Civil infrastructure. Operations focus on new road construction, road rehabilitation, as well as the manufacture and construction of concrete structures. It also specialises in the manufacturing and laying of asphalt, chip and spray, surface dressing, enrichments and slurry seals. Tosas, a subsidiary company, specialises in the manufacture and distribution of bituminous products in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. • Raubex Materials - Operates its own commercial quarries, supplying aggregates and crushers stones to its clients and for remote project sites. It also hires plant equipment, with and without operators, to the mining industry • Raubex Infrastructure - specialises in disciplines outside the road construction sector, including renewable energy, rail, telecommunications, housing infrastructure projects and commercial building refurbishment and construction Operations include: • 19 - Quarries (18 - South Africa; 1 - Botswana) • 17 - Asphalt Plants (16 - South Africa; 1 - Botswana) Raubex subsidiary CIDB ratings: • Raubex Building (Pty) Ltd - 9GB (Expires 1 August 2023) • Raubex Renovo (Pty) Ltd - 1GB/1SG/1SI/1SJ/1SL/1SN/1SO/1SQ (Expires 1 November 2020) • Raubex KZN (Pty) Ltd - 9CE/8SB (Expires 6 March 2021) • Raubex Infra (Pty) Ltd - 9CE/8EP/8GB (Expires 07 August 2021) • Raubex Construction (Pty) Ltd - 9CE (Expires 24 January 2023) • Roadmac Surfacing (Pty) Ltd - 9CE/9SB (Expires 16 January 2021) • Roadmac Surfacing Cape (Pty) Ltd - 9CE/9SB/9PE (Expires 22 June 2023) • Milling Techniks (Pty) Ltd - 9CE/1SB (Expires 7 November 2020) • National Asphalt (Pty) Ltd - 7CE/7SB (Expires 30 January 2021) • Centremark Roadmarking (Pty) Ltd - 7SK (Expires 14 December 2021) • Empa Structures (Pty) Ltd - 8CE/1GB (Expires 1 April 2022)