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Tongaat Hulett Ltd

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Tongaat Hulett Ltd Organogram

Tongaat Hulett Ltd is an agri-processing business active in land management, property development and agriculture. Through its sugar operations in southern Africa, the company produces a range of refined sugarcane based sweetener products, agricultural products, animal feeds, biofuel production, and electricity co-generation. As at 31 March 2021, Tongaat Hulett had 14 sugar and downstream production facilities located in South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana, and exported to more than 29 African countries, Europe and the United States of America. The group farms and manages 59,000 hectares of sugarcane with the group's South African owned landholdings totaling 16,518 hectares. Group operations include: South Africa: • 4 sugar cane estates • 4 sugar mills • 1 sugar refinery • 1 animal feeds plant During 2021, South Africa harvested 12,706 hectares and produced 535,000 tons of raw sugar. Mozambique: • 2 sugar cane estates • 2 sugar mills • 1 sugar refinery During 2021, Mozambique harvested 17,287 hectares and produced 195,000 tons of raw sugar. Zimbabwe: • 2 sugar cane estates • 2 sugar mills • 1 sugar refinery • 1 ethanol plant • 1 distribution and packaging facility During 2021, Zimbabwe harvested 23,158 hectares and produced 408,000 tons of raw sugar. Botswana: • 1 distribution and packaging facility