Who Owns Whom

The Year Behind Us

2016 presented one of the most difficult trading environments of my career. When I expressed this to the non–executive directors at the final WOW board meeting for the year, there were mutterings of agreement.

Who Owns Whom has, however, held its own. The subscriber renewal rate remains at over 97% for the eighth consecutive year and ten new clients were added to our prestigious portfolio. I am also very pleased to report that we grew the staff complement by two people at our Port Elizabeth office and by one in Johannesburg.

Data Feeds, KYC and FICA

The WOW industry report file now spans 332 industries across Africa, profiles 15,550 companies and includes an ownership file that exceeds 180,000 company names. The WOW data feed offering has been integrated into KYC strategies by a number of clients to meet FICA requirements.

Please be in touch if that is of interest.

Transparency Rating

An analysis of the recently introduced transparency ratings on WOWEB produced some interesting results which were published in the Business Day. Click here to read it.

The Year Ahead

Who Owns Whom congratulates and thanks those patriotic South Africans in the state economic cluster and the private sector for their combined efforts to avoid a ratings downgrade and this co-operation augurs well for an improved 2017.

We are also most grateful to our users for their prolific usage of WOWEB as well as the insightful feedback which has guided product development. We shall continue to listen carefully to all input from users in the coming year.

See the latest published reports and have a safe and happy holiday season.

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