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WOWEB, Who Owns Whom’s proprietary, web-based platform, incorporates our independent research on South African and increasingly African industries, companies, ownership, BEE, director, African footprint, M&A and more.

The platform’s research, intuitive navigation and reporting capability is trusted by local and international corporations to facilitate quick and easy identification of the intelligence needed to inform key business functions:

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  • Gain valuable insight into industry drivers affecting target markets.
  • Use strategic sales information to improve prospecting success rate.
  • Target groups and sectors as prospective markets.
  • Expand market share in existing markets.
  • Identify opportunities through cross-ownership and/or cross-directorships.
  • Identify new foreign direct investment (FDI) into a target market.
  • Identify customers’ African footprint.


  • Identify customers from the same group.
  • Identify director and ownership linkages between customers.
  • Understand the key drivers and SWOT of different customer industries.
  • Identify the African footprint of customers.
  • Be alerted to client management changes.
  • Be alerted to client ownership changes or acquisitions.
  • Know your client and corroborate information supplied (KYC).


  • Corroborate information supplied.
  • Supplier BEE details and peer comparisons.
  • Understand supplier industry key drivers and SWOT.
  • Identify director and ownership linkages between suppliers.
  • Identify suppliers from the same group.


  • Identity and analyse potential expansion opportunities.
  • Be alerted to ownership changes or acquisitions within your operating environment.
  • Identify growth industries in the African market.
  • Identify director and ownership linkages between customers, competitors and/or suppliers.
  • Identify customers’ African footprint.
  • Analyse competitive landscape.
  • Identify prospective investors/strategic partners for your business.
  • Identify possible industry technological or regulatory risk to your supply chain.
  • Monitor key drivers and SWOT in your supply chain.
  • Be alerted to management changes within your operating environment.
  • Identity distribution channel partners to expand your geographical reach.


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  • Ownership relationships of companies, including all significant listed and unlisted groups, multinational companies, empowerment groups and state corporations operating in Africa.
  • African and international footprint of 170,000+ companies showing direct and indirect holdings.
  • Government structures are presented at central, provincial and local government level.
  • Individual’s holdings are linked to person profiles (e.g. directors) on the database.

Country or Region specific industry research is provided on 290+ key industries across the African continent at the five-digit standard industrial classification code (SICC) level as set by STATSSA. It includes:

  • Industry research reports, covering:
    • Characteristics and size of the industry,
    • Key drivers and issues facing the industry,
    • Regulatory requirements,
    • Factors which influence the industry,
    • A SWOT analysis, and
    • The outlook for the industry.
  • An industry’s competitive landscape, and profiles of companies that operate in that industry,
  • A BEE overview of the industry and peer comparison in terms of each of the components of the BEE scorecard for South African companies.
  • Industry affiliations, i.e. associations, unions, SETAS, etc.,
  • M&A as well as infrastructure investment activity within an industry.
  • TakeOver Talk (TOT) tracks FDI into and out of Africa since 2007, which industries and which countries are being targeted and, in the case of South Africa, includes black empowerment transactions.
  • TOT lists a weekly record of M&A activity and investment in capacity, which is linked to all relevant WOWEB content sets.
  • Transactions can be filtered on a variety of criteria including FDI in and out and are also presented per company and industry.
  • Powerful data filtering functionality that enables users to query the entire database and extract only those data sets that meet their specific requirements into Excel.
  • Filters can be saved for future use.
  • Economic snapshots and overviews of African countries,
  • Trade agreements,
  • Major economic indicators per country and country comparisons,
  • Stock Exchanges operating in African countries.
  • Details of 95 000+ directors and management of listed and unlisted companies, multinationals and state corporations operating in Africa, including South Africa.
  • Cross-directorships to establish director influence and trends in director share ownership.
  • A ten-year history of remuneration and shareholdings of directors of JSE-listed companies and information on company committee membership.
  • Politically Exposed Person (PEP) indicator associated with each director and manager of government organisations (i.e. SOC’s, municipalities, etc.)

Company profiles are provided on 15 000+ active companies, 10% of which are listed and the balance private companies, multinationals or government entities. Profiles include:

  • Classification & statutory information,
  • Size indicators,
  • WOW Transparency Rating,
  • Black Economic Empowerment details and peer comparison for South African companies,
  • Black Owned and Black Industrialist indicators for South African companies,
  • Directors and senior management,
  • Ownership and corporate structure,
  • Africa footprint,
  • Professionals,
  • M&A and infrastructure investment activity by a company,
  • Notifiable company changes, i.e. changes to name, directors, shareholders, auditors, etc.,
  • Company reports (for listed companies & SOCs),
  • Published financials (for listed companies &SOC’s),
  • Sectors within which the company operates, and
  • Ability to download full or partial company profiles.
  • Users can monitor a portfolio of companies, industries and/ or countries. Email alerts are received every time user- selected information is updated on the companies/ industries/ countries in the watchlist.
  • User preferences can be set for any combination of updates in company information, BEE certificates, annual reports, organograms, mergers and acquisitions, industry reports and stock exchanges, as well as the frequency with which they wish to receive the alerts.
  • Alerts emanating from a watchlist can be directed to multiple email addresses.
  • Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statements for JSE and African listed companies, South African SOC’s and South African unlisted companies where disclosed.