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I am pleased to report that, thanks to you, WOW comfortably exceeded our budget to the six months ending September 2023 for both turnover and profit. We employed two additional team members in 2023 bringing our permanent employee count to 28 and who are complemented by 15 contract researchers.

This year we have been exploring the use of AI on the WOW database. While its use in producing quality research currently still appears limited, it could significantly improve users’ interrogation capabilities on our research.

AI at this point can’t replace the human attributes of creativity, subjectivity and initiative, amongst others. A few years ago, when Maria Ramos was Absa’s CEO, we asked AI who she was.  The answer came back that she was the branch manager at the Absa branch in Maputo.  This is a good example of AI not distinguishing between corroborated and uncorroborated data. However, when used on corroborated data such as the WOW database, it introduces an entirely new search dimension. As an example, if one uses AI to ask WOW’s research database how many listed company directors’ options are maturing in the next six months, it returns an answer in seconds for a task that could take much longer to complete if performed manually. The working title for this initiative is AI@WOW. Preliminary results are exciting, and we hope to roll out pilot testing early in the new year. Watch this space.

The WOW offices will close on Friday, December 22nd and re-open Wednesday, January 3rd.

Have a safe and restful holiday season and I hope all your expectations for 2024 will be met.

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