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Russia, South Africa and the Ukraine
An analysis of the WOWEB ownership database shows that, while it provides a sample only, South African company FDI exposure to Russia and the Ukraine is limited. Barloworld subsidiary Sitech
Siberia is a Russian-registered civil engineering company, and Aspen manufactures some of its brands in Russia through Aspen Health. Bell equipment has a presence through Bell Equipment Russland, Mondi has two active subsidiaries in Russia and auto parts supplier Euro Driveshafts Ukraine has a material holding by Invicta and indirectly by Dorsland Diamante, the latter being linked to the Wiese family. The Government Employees Pension Fund has indirect exposure through its material stakes in Aspen and Barloworld, the PIC with its stake in Mondi and Naspers through its indirect holding via Prosus in the VK Group (formerly Mail.ru).

Cloud Computing disrupter report
WOWEB’s latest disruptor’ report on cloud services shows that spending on cloud infrastructure is growing faster than spending on traditional IT infrastructure, and this industry has the benefit of numerous tailwinds – from remote working to increased broadband access in emerging markets. Customers are also “sticky” as the costs and disruptions of moving service providers often outweigh the benefits of lower fees, and this is reflected in the lofty valuations of cloud computing businesses. This is the fourth report in our disruptor series namely cryptocurrencies, genomics, energy storage, cloud computing and AI. The fifth – and last – disruptor report on AI will be published to WOWEB before the end of April.

When you make use of Cloud services, your data is not stored literally in the cloud. Scotland has Cloud datacentres at the bottom of the ocean in sealed containers to achieve green, zero CO2 emission cooling! The transmission capabilities have become so sophisticated and efficient that cloud data storage can be done anywhere.

We must still realise that whilst adoption is still low in countries with poor availability and speed of bandwidth, the future scope offers opportunities that will underpin the significant CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) predicted for the Cloud business for many years to come.

In addition to the disruptor reports, a WOWEB subscription includes over 600 reports on 330+ key industries across the African continent, or they can be individually purchased from our online store.

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