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Can the printing industry return to its glory?

When talking about the printing industry, the good old printing press is the first one to come to mind. For decades, the concept of having a paperless society has been a key topic globally. Read More

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The Liquor Industry: A curse or Boon to the South African economy

We reflect on the liquor industry along two dimensions. The economic reality of an extremely lucrative business and the ethical aspects of alcohol consumption and its consequences. We will start with the easy part which is the economics of liquor. Read More

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Mining in Central Africa: The Wild West

Millions of people still live in poverty in spite of the endowment of Central Africa’s natural resource wealth. This phenomenon has been a topic for discussion and research to understand the impact and whether mining communities benefit from a resource boom and, if they do not, what could explain this. Read More

Cape Point: a thermometer of the world’s oceans

A little-known fact is that while the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet geographically at Cape Agulhas, the warm Agulhas and cold Benguela currents meet at Cape Point, which scientists have termed a “thunderstorm in the ocean”. This makes Cape Point an important thermometer of global ocean temperatures which are monitored ... Read More