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Is digitisation and working from home disrupting the Real Estate sector?

This blog is written at a time when the Real estate sector in South Africa is facing another big knock caused by the massive unrest and looting taking place at major shopping centres and warehouses.This is happening, just as a slight recovery was taking shape from the effects of Covid-19 related lock downs whereby especially small businesses, restaurants and gyms closed down as they could not continue paying rent whilst their business were closed. That imposed tremendous pressure on the property sector. Read More


A Who Owns Whom publication of June 2021

For those with more than a passing interest in Oil, the latest WoW report on the Petroleum industry in Kenya offers an erudite overview and value chain of petroleum, natural gas as well as, in the context of Kenya, the economic use of various petroleum products.This blog touches on the curse of mineral riches and how the climate impact changed the outlook for hydrocarbons. Most importantly look at the oil find in Kenya and what it will mean for that country. Read More

Road infrastructure holding back the Agriculture business sector in Tanzania

WoW’s research into the Tanzanian agri-business offers interesting insights.The agri-business sector in Tanzania is extremely important in a country that still has a long way to go towards growing its industrialisation and services sector, both essential to growing GDP. Indeed, as stated in the report, the agri-business sector in Tanzania represents 28.9% of its GDP. Read More

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The Test Of Time

A colleague recently pointed out that First National Bank’s registration number shows that it was registered in 1929 (as Barclays South Africa), just as the world entered the great depression. It weathered that depression, two world wars, several market crashes, apartheid, the Zuma years and covid. Read More