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Zambia is large, landlocked, sparsely populated resource-rich country in the centre of Southern Africa. The country has a population of 17.8 million people and a GDP in 2020 of US$18.5bn. Read More

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Innovation in energy. From an obscure commodity to an attractive star performer?

The Who Owns Whom report on battery manufacturing in South Africa has a wealth of information, especially on the wider market and drivers of batteries. There are many different batteries and a growing number of uses. More energy efficient applications causing lower battery consumption are offset by new and expanded uses. Read More

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Agriculture, South Africa’s Golden Child

According to the latest WOW Trends report, Agri-Business in South Africa, the agricultural sector provided an Olympian performance in 2020, with annual agricultural production rising to R312.5bn, a 9.9% increase on pre-pandemic 2019. Food exports increased by 30.7% to R89.4bn, and citrus growers exported 146 million fruit cartons, making South Africa the world’s second largest exporter after Spain. Read More


Ethiopia has the second largest population on the continent after Nigeria, of 155 million people. Its economy grew by 6.1% in 2020, down from 8.4% in 2019, largely because of the pandemic. Read More