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Food & BeverageIndustriesSouth Africa

The manufacture and wholesale of non-alcoholic beverages in South Africa

Creativity driving the health of the sector Reading the latest WOW report on the manufacture and wholesale of non-alcoholic beverages in South Africa, the creativity of business and the power...

Community & Personal ServicesCountriesSouth Africa

The grave realities of the Funeral industry in South Africa

According to African tradition, it is important where one gets buried. Some communities believe that death is a passage to another world, where ancestors live and continue to advocate for...

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AquafarmingSouth Africa

Ocean & Coastal fishing and Aquaculture in South Africa

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Energy & WaterGreen EnergySouth Africa

Innovation in Energy. From an Obscure Commodity to an Attractive Star Performer?

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MiningSouth Africa

Manufacture of Basic Precious & Non-Ferrous Metals in South Africa

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CountriesSouth Africa

Electricity in Southern Africa- The elephant in the (South African) room or The “Power” of positive thinking.

Incidental coincidences this month of February 2022 as the latest WoW report on electricity generation in Southern Africa was released; the IMF report (11 Feb) highlighting challenges to be addressed...

CountriesSouth AfricaTextiles, Clothing & Footwear

Clothing industry in South Africa and the implications of policy interventions

A stitch at a time saves nine in one of the biggest employer industries After 1994 South Africa was keen to become part of the world fraternity after the isolation...

Energy & WaterSouth Africa

The Water Sector: The source of Life – conserve to preserve

There are 2 inescapable things to consider when it comes to drinking water. Firstly, there is not too much on this planet. Only 3% of earth’s water is sweet water...

South Africa

Genomics and its economic benefits

During November 2021, South Africa was very much in the news regarding the Omicron variant of Covid-19, why was that? Dr Tulio and his fellow scientists from the University of...

South AfricaTextiles, Clothing & Footwear

Nappies and other disposable goods – Are there economic opportunities in this waste generating industry?

Global leaders came out of the UN Climate Change Conference COP26, with a number of goals to decrease carbon emissions, but waste management and recycling, jointly referred to as waste...

CountriesIndustriesRetailSouth Africa

South Africans embracing online shopping – COVID-19’s unexpected spin-off

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the 4th industrial revolution was just bubbling along. The pandemic fast tracked its adoption and forced even the most sceptical shoppers to find solutions to their...