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Giving Back

The most cost effective employers (total directors fees paid divided by number of people employed) in their respective sectors are listed below along with their initiatives in Social Economic Development (SED) and Enterprise Development (ED). Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Sea Harvest R577 per employee per annum ED and SED Initiatives: The Group devotes considerable resources to employee skills development and employment equity, as well as projects that drive supplier and enterprise development, youth empowerment, job creation and rural development.

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Feeding the Children

An ugly South African statistic is that one in five children go to school without breakfast, a fact that is stated in our forthcoming report on the manufacture of breakfast cereals. While there have been many instances of poor behaviour and weak governance by corporate South Africa, an enormous direct social contribution is also made by business and this report highlights initiatives by some of the main players in this sector namely Tiger Brands, Pioneer Foods, Kellogg’s and Future Life.

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Land Restitution

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Land Restitution

The ANC’s land summit decision to expropriate land without compensation has raised concerns for a negative impact on property valuation and a consequent risk to the banking sector, but it should be viewed in context. Land restitution in South Africa is an imperative if we are to live in a just society. When South African soldiers returned from World War 2, the white soldiers were given farms and the black soldiers received bicycles.