Electricity Generation in Africa

African Gross Domestic Product Comparisons Nigerian GDP recently overtook South Africa’s largely due to the contribution from its booming information and communication sector, which contributes more to the Nigerian economy than the manufacturing sector. Ethiopia has doubled its GDP over the last five years and has announced a US$7bn investment in new power generation infrastructure projects. If you look at the comparison of installed generation capacity, a different picture emerges. The Energy Mix South Africa produces more electricity than all sub-Saharan African countries combined due to its industrialised economy, …

Ethiopia Snapshot

The winds of change are sweeping through Ethiopia since Abiy Ahmed became prime minister in April. Ethiopia is sub-Saharan Africa’s fastest growing economy, with average growth of around 10% a year for over a decade. GDP was US$8.2bn in 2000, $80bn by 2017, and will reach US$129bn by 2023, according to the IMF. The IMF’s World Economic Outlook expects 8.5% GDP growth in 2019 – while the World Bank expects 8% – outstripping advanced economies and global growth, which is expected at 3.9%. Since April, Ahmed has signed a critical peace agreement with Eritrea,

Tanzania Snapshot

The European Union’s 5 November recall of its ambassador to Tanzania, based on “the deterioration of the human rights and rule of law situation” in the country, highlights growing concerns about its government’s crackdown on human rights and an increasingly difficult investment environment. Since assuming power in 2015, president John Magufuli has made significant changes and reforms including reducing bloated government, improving tax collection and reining in on tax evasion. He has also increasingly clamped down on gays, press freedom and any signs of dissent or criticism of government or its official statistics – including any that invalidate or contradict them. …

The South African Motor Vehicle Industry report

Would you like to know more about South Africa’s motor vehicle? Purchase the full report. If you found the infographic below useful, then please feel free to download it and use it as you see fit. strategic business insights Like what you see? You may also find these historical reports of interest: The Motor Vehicle Industry / June 2017 The Motor Vehicle Industry / January 2016 The Motor Vehicle Industry / September 2014 The Tyre Industry / June 2017 The Tyre Industry / November 2015