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Road infrastructure holding back the Agriculture business sector in Tanzania

WoW’s research into the Tanzanian agri-business offers interesting insights.The agri-business sector in Tanzania is extremely important in a country that still has a long way to go towards growing its industrialisation and services sector, both essential to growing GDP. Indeed, as stated in the report, the agri-business sector in Tanzania represents 28.9% of its GDP. Read More

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Plastics and its quandary: Industries that have great potential to create jobs and spur the economy are not without downsides

According to the latest figures available from Stats SA, the plastics manufacturing sector had an estimated turnover of R11.7bn in 2019, with net profit after tax and dividends an estimated R610m. Downstream, the plastic products manufacturing sector had an estimated turnover of R71.8bn with net profit after tax and dividends of R2.8bn.The aggregate industry employed over 60 000 people during the 2020 financial year alone. Read More

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The unsung heroes of the build environment – the installation sector who can advance economic activity

The Building Installation Sector, like many other sectors was hit very hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and its dependence on the construction industry in the property sector that came to a complete standstill, further exacerbated the painThis sector is complex and consists of a number of activities involving the ... Read More

Impact of COVID-19 on the freight and road transport

The South African economy was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. GDP declined by 7% in 2020 with a growth forecast of between 3% and 3.6% for 2021. Read More