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Ocean & Coastal fishing and Aquaculture in South Africa

Sunday 21 November 2021 was World Fisheries Day, an event celebrated around the world to raise awareness about ways to protect a healthy ocean eco-system and sustainability. The present day...

Southern Africa Minerals – “Much effort, much prosperity.” Euripides

The WoW report on Mining in Southern Africa gave me great courage. Just paging through all the “Corporate Actions” that are taking place in all the Southern African countries, besides...

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Energy & WaterGreen EnergySouth Africa

Innovation in Energy. From an Obscure Commodity to an Attractive Star Performer?

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Real Estate & PropertySouth Africa

Is Digitisation and Working from Home Disrupting the Real Estate Sector?

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The Construction sector in Botswana – on track towards the integration of technologies for efficiency and much needed jobs

The latest WOW report on the construction industry in Botswana provides detailed insights into the activities and the companies involved. Large infrastructure projects are well captured and documented as in...

CountriesForestry & WoodIndustriesSouth Africa

Can the printing industry return to its glory?

When talking about the printing industry, the good old printing press is the first one to come to mind. For decades, the concept of having a paperless society has been...

CountriesFood & BeverageIndustriesSouth Africa

The Liquor Industry: A curse or Boon to the South African economy

We reflect on the liquor industry along two dimensions. The economic reality of an extremely lucrative business and the ethical aspects of alcohol consumption and its consequences. We will start...

Central AfricaCountriesIndustriesMining

Mining in Central Africa: The Wild West

Millions of people still live in poverty in spite of the endowment of Central Africa’s natural resource wealth. This phenomenon has been a topic for discussion and research to understand...

BotswanaCommunication Media and TechnologyCountriesIndustries

Botswana and its smart telecoms trajectory

Telecommunications has made the world a “global village”. For many decades, national “Post and Telecom” parastatals worldwide ruled a steady sector, with expensive international calls and limited rural access where...

Country SnapshotsDemocratic Republic of the Congo'Industries

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has a GDP of US$55.09bn and a population of 89 million people, and has a surface area equivalent to that of Western Europe, making...