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Switch over to WOWEB and further new features

As from Monday 1 August 2016, Who Owns Whom clients will automatically be redirected to the new subscriber platform, WOWEB.

Password users

When you log in to with your username and password you will be redirected to the WOWEB home page,

IP users

  • The traditional Who Owns Whom website will continue to show you as already logged in and any selection made on that page will automatically connect you to the WOWEB homepage.
  • Should you select a database from the ‘online products’ menu on, you will be redirected to

Please call us for additional training on WOWEB if required. It is a product we are very proud of and we love showing it off!

New features on WOWEB to be introduced in the near future

BEE Scorecard Peer Analysis

This facility will allow users to rank sectors and companies for overall BEE scores as well as for each component of the scorecard.

Company Transparency Ratings

There is an inexorable trend towards transparency in the global fight against corruption, money laundering and terrorist funding. WOW researches approximately 1,000 companies per month and has developed a transparency rating that ranks companies in terms of their willingness to disclose, with an emphasis on those companies that promote transparency as a corporate ethos.

Sector Volatility Ratings

  • WOW has developed a volatility rating which measures each sector based on its sensitivity to environmental changes, namely Macro-economic, Regulation, Demand-Supply dynamics, Market Structure, Inputs & Resources, Financial performance and Technology advances.
  • In future the volatility rating will be used to guide the sector report update cycle.


TakeOver Talk (TOT)

  • TOT will identify Foreign Direct Investment transactions and enable users to identify the source of and target country for each investment.
  • In addition, for each transaction the user will have access to the PDF version of the original document.