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The Year That Was…

2016 presented one of the most difficult trading environments of my career. When I expressed this to the non–executive directors at the final WOW board meeting for the year, there were mutterings of agreement.

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Scorecard Finds Fishing Firms Are Most Transparent

In many traditional African cultures, talking loudly avoids creating suspicions of secrecy — a gesture that could be well adopted by South African business. Transparency in business was an early...

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JSE-listed Directors Still Mainly Pale Males — Majorities Grossly Under-Represented

Analysis of data by the independent research organisation Who Owns Whom reveals that active JSE-listed companies’ boards have directors who, on average, are relatively younger and who are serving in...

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Entrepreneurs Leverage Cleanliness

The soap and cleaning product manufacturing industry has created a number of innovative entrepreneurial start-ups such as Durban- based Elegant Line Chemicals founded by Nelly Shezi in 2007 which manufactures cleaning products and polishes for the domestic, industrial and automotive markets.

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The Dry Cleaning and Laundry Industry Presents Franchise Opportunities for SMMEs

Although off-premise laundries have come under pressure as a result of a cyclical shift to on-premise laundry operations especially in the healthcare industry, the laundry sector still benefits significantly from ad-hoc outsourcing of laundry functions by government agencies. A number of franchise opportunities such as Laundry Dynamics, Pressed in Time, Eazi Laundromatic and Fresh Laundry have arisen.

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Clarity About Investors Will Aid Graft War

SOUTH African company law has historically favoured those wishing to obscure corporate ownership. The clandestine section 15A of the Companies Act of 1973 allowed apartheid ministers of trade and industry...

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South African Taxi Industry

Taxi drivers are not the most popular people the world over, most certainly in South Africa. But there can be few more successful examples of creating order from chaos as...

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Waste Not Want Not

On his seven hour journey in February this year from Moscow to the Russian town of Rybinsk on the Volga River Philip Malandrinos did not know if his headache was...