Media Releases

Fortune Favours the Brave

In this article by Managing Director Andrew McGregor, Who Owns Whom’s Wholesale and Retail of Food in Egypt and Construction Industry in Ethiopia industry research reports provide data-driven insights into foreign direct investments (FDI) by South Africa companies on the rest of the continent. Is South Africa’s state and private sector doing enough to form a cohesive approach to the African opportunity or are we being out manoeuvred by the likes of India and China? Read more on The Africa Report

Don’t ignore Zimbabwe

An opinion piece that brings attention to the impact of Zimbabwe’s economic hardships on South Africa. With the economy of South Africa’s neighbour falling even further due to recent political events in the country, there could be potentially dire consequences for South Africa and its companies. Read more at or

Advocacy: A call for disclosure of beneficial owners

Who Owns Whom Managing Director Andrew McGregor calls on South African citizenry to join those in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria who are holding their governments accountable for rising state debt. Let’s peel back the layers of corporate secrecy with the Companies Amendment Bill and demand transparency in the current procurement system such that ultimate beneficial owners of private companies are disclosed. Read more at or

Restructuring the Private Sector

Conglomerates did not deliver their side of the postapartheid bargain
Private fixed investment flatlined in business-friendly climate but asset managers and BEE beneficiaries score.

The unbundling and reconstitution of SA’s apartheid-era conglomerates since the early 1990s is arguably the biggest restructuring of the South African economy since the discovery of diamonds in the 1880s, but it has received only limited attention. Yet, as SA grapples with its fundamental challenges of unemployment, inequality and fracturing social cohesion, it is critical to reflect on how the bargains that gave rise to this restructuring were formed, their effect on economic structure and performance and the urgent need for a new set of pragmatic bargains. Read More